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HotAC: Mission: The Refueling Station, Part III Capture Refueling Station – SOLO verze

Vkládám svůj poslední report hry, který jsem před lety odehrál. Od té doby jsem to nehrál, ale brzy začnu, takže další reporty budou následovat.

Mission Briefing:
“The sensor net surrounding the refuelling base is out of commission. Now is the time to strike and capture the facility for the Alliance! Your squadron must disable the station’s defenses and engage any fighter cover in the area. You will also be required to escort an assault ship full of rebel commandos to dock with
the station and capture it.
Once we begin the attack, the Empire is sure to scramble any remaining patrols in the area.
Stay alert, and may the Force be with you.”

HotAC: Mission: The Refueling Station, Part II Disable Sensor Net – SOLO verze

Další ze série starých reportů.

Mission Briefing: “The operatives onboard the HWK-290 you rescued have brought us some critical intel. The asteroid field they were investigating in the Argus system conceals an Imperial refuelling station. If we can capture this base, we would gain a welldefended stating area, deep in Imperial space.
However, the base is protected by an early-warning sensor net, which would give the Empire ample time to prepare against any attack we launch. Disable  it before we can strike!”

HotAC: Mission: The Refueling Station, Part I: Rescue Rebel Operatives – SOLO verze

Další starší report z kampaně, kterou jsem před lety začal ve verzi SOLO hraní. Snad bude bavit.

Mission Briefing: “We’ve received an encrypted message from one of our Rebel Operative teams in the Argus system. They were engaged in covert reconaissance of Imperial facilities in a nearby asteroid field.

Their HWK-290 has sustained heavy damage to its weapons and hyperdrive. They won’t make it back in one piece with their findings unless we scramble some fighter cover.

There’s a good bet the Empire has already dispatched fighters to intercept them too”.